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What are DAOs?

Crypto isn't just about money. At their core, blockchains are mechanisms for aligning incentives. The blockchain ecosystem is experimenting with new leaderless organizations called DAOs, challenging all sorts of traditional governance structures, from companies and non-profits to governments.

How to protect your NFTs?

NFTs are becoming a massive global phenomenon. More and more people are becoming interested in NFTs – new NFT collections are launching daily, celebrities and musicians are creating their own collections, and popular brands are creating branded NFs. NFTs are reaching more than just crypto nerds, which is to say, NFTs are going mainstream. As more and more of the general public are getting into NFTs, there are, of course, people who want to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers.

What are stablecoins?

Stablecoins are an essential component of cryptocurrency markets as they provide a way for cryptocurrency users and investors to hedge against volatile markets and make payments reliably. In this episode, we discuss what stablecoins are, the different types of stablecoins, and the risks associated with these assets.

What is ENS?

Crypto wallet addresses are not very human-friendly. But one project allows you to create human-readable names for your wallet address. That project is ENS or Ethereum Name Service. To understand ENS, we first need to understand what domain names are. Then we look at what ENS is and how it works. And finally, we talk about how ENS is managed.

What are play to earn games?

In this episode, we discuss play-to-earn, a new game design space that shifts values into the hands of users, enabling some to make a living from playing games. First, we explain what P2E is and how it’s different from previous gaming models. Second, we look at examples of popular P2E games. Finally, we look at the long-term trends and risks to new players.

What is Wallet Connect

In this episode, we’ll talk about an important tool that can help you remain secure and make it easier to interact with Decentralized Applications – that tool is Wallet Connect. First, we explain Wallet Connect and why it’s useful. Second, we walk through practical examples of how you can use it. And finally, we talk about some of the security benefits of using Wallet Connect.

What is DeFi?

Decentralized finance is a new exciting area of finance that more and more people are discovering and leveraging to improve their lives. In this episode, we explore DeFi. First, we look at the benefits of using DeFi compared to Traditional Finance. Second, we discuss some popular DeFi applications and how people use them. And finally, we talk about the risks and things you should look out for.

What are crypto transaction fees?

In this episode, we’re breaking down all the fees, so you know what you’re paying for and might be able to pay less in the future. In part one, we talk about network fees, which are paid to miners of a blockchain. In part two, we explain the different fees centralized exchanges charge their customers. And finally, we look at ways to optimize the amount of fees paid on your crypto journey.

How to get started in crypto

In this episode, we approach crypto investing in three parts. First, we look at how crypto is perceived compared to other technologies in the past. Second, we focus on why people, companies and institutions are investing in crypto. Finally, we talk about the different approaches to investing in crypto.

How to buy cryptocurrencies

In this episode, we walk through acquiring crypto for the first time. Are you ready to take the leap?

What are crypto scams?

Crypto is exciting but also has many traps and scams that newcomers as advanced users can fall into. In this episode, we’ll talk about some of the most common and easy-to-fall-for scams. We want to help you become aware of the risk and what you can do to mitigate those risks as much as possible.

What are cryptocurrency wallets?

In this episode, we’ll explore cryptocurrency wallets in 3 parts. First, we’ll discuss how a cryptocurrency wallet works by comparing it to things you’re already familiar with. Second, we’ll dive into the world of public and private keys, which are your identity on the blockchain. And finally, we’ll talk about the different types of wallets you can use and their levels of security.

What are NFTs?

In this episode, we’ll explore NFTs in three parts. First, we’ll describe what NFTs are and how they are being used today by artists. Second, we’ll explore how they are different from other cryptocurrencies and tokens. And third, we’ll dive deep into why NFTs are so fundamental to the future of digital economies, particularly for creators.

What are cryptocurrencies?

In this episode, we’ll talk about cryptocurrencies in three parts. First, we’ll list the properties of cryptocurrencies. Second, we’ll look at how cryptocurrencies are used. And finally, we’ll describe tokens and how decentralized applications use them.

What is money?

To fully grasp why crypto is so important, it’s necessary to have a good understanding of money. Today, we take the concept of money for granted. When you look at your bank account balance, there’s how much money you have. Do you ever think about what money is, where it came from, what makes it valuable, and how it’s created today?

What is Ethereum?

In this episode, we will dissect Ethereum in three parts. First, we’ll provide some context and explain what Ethereum is. Second, we’ll use simple analogies to explain the Ether cryptocurrency and why people think it’s valuable. And finally, we’ll talk about why Ethereum is important and different from the status quo.

What is Bitcoin?

In this episode we'll break down Bitcoin in three parts. First, we'll explain how money moves from person to person using Bitcoin. Second, we'll look at how the Bitcoin network remains secure. And Finally, we'll talk about why Bitcoin is such a big deal.

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